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  • titles
    • gairaigo are returned to their original form: マジック→magic
      • sometimes german words are replaced by their english versions (popular convention): テーマ→theme, テーゼ→thesis
      • shortenings are sufficiently nativised: ネトゲ→netoge, テレビ→terebi
    • numbers are not romanized: 5時→5-ji
    • tokyo: 東京→Tokyo (popular convention), if i don't give sufficient fucks
    • caps on everything except for particles
  • text (lyrics)
    • remember that this is for people to utilize practically
      • gairaigo are romanized as they are: マジック→majikku
      • numbers are romanized: 5時→go-ji
      • tokyo: 東京→toukyou
    • no caps, except maybe for proper nouns and embedded sentences, if i want to